There is not a specific list of supplies for high school. However, there are several staples all students will need to start their school year.
Below are the recommendations from the Grade 8 teachers. Teachers may recommend other items within the first week of school for their course.
Items marked with an * are deemed essential:
  • *Two binders (3 inch rings) and a zipper enclosure if possible
  • *Lined paper, 3-hole punched paper and dividers (2 packages)
  • *Blue or Black pens
  • *HB pencils and erasers
  • *Two locks – gym locker and school locker (note – we sell school locks for $6 and we strongly recommend you buy a “school lock” for your locker. We guarantee they will always work and have a free exchange program if you need to get a different lock combination.
  • *Calculator (see your math teacher for description of requirements)Scientific calculator not needed until Grade 10.
  • Red pen
  • Highlighters (2 colors)
  • Students may need ruler, pencil crayons and markers for some projects.
  • Memory stick would be useful when saving work from a computer