Code of Conduct
John Barsby Community School strives to develop a safe, caring and inclusive and welcoming school environment that promotes the rights and responsibilities of all who learn and work here.

“Try Your Best – Do the Right Thing – Get Better Each Day. It’s the Barsby Way!”

Our Code of Conduct reflects;
• the values of the Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools 2.10 Inclusion Policy that is based on the principles of respect, acceptance, safety and equity. It further affirms that “a learning environment that reflects diversity, inclusivity and equity is essential in supporting the highest level of individual growth and achievement.”
• the expectation that “that all students, staff, and members of our school communities will adhere to a code of conduct that is educative, preventative and restorative in practice and response”
• the purposes and intention of the BC Human Rights Code(8.1b) 2017

John Barsby School’s Code of Conduct expects that students will demonstrate socially responsible behaviors that reflect respect and safety at school and while attending a school function at any location at any time of day or day of week.

Acceptable conduct: refers to behavior that help to make the school a safe, caring and inclusive environment. The school community works with students to help them with learning responsible choices, safe behavior, problem solving, conflict resolution, respecting and restorative practices.

Unacceptable conduct: refers to behavior that interferes with the personal safety of others and the safe and orderly environment either of the school, person-to-person basis or through social media. Unacceptable conduct can take the form or bullying, harassment, intimidation, discrimination or illegal acts.

Consequences: to be equitable, consequences may vary from student to student where the misconduct appears to be similar. Intervention must be appropriate to the student’s age, maturity, needs, exceptionalities, extenuating circumstances and the nature of previous intervention, taking in consideration of the needs of the school.

Restorative Practices: focus on creating conditions for students to learn self-discipline, fix mistakes through addressing the needs of those who have been harmed and returning to the group/class/school strengthened. Students are encouraged, as often as possible, to participate in the development of meaningful interventions through discussion or mediation.

Your beliefs become your thoughts & your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions & your actions become your destiny
Mahatma Ghandi
An unabridged version of our school’s code of conduct is available on our website.


Throughout the school year, we will hold different events encouraging students to follow along with the Barsby Way. We also have “Gotchas” when you are found doing good for yourself, others, and the school; you may be given a “Gotcha” card that may turn into a reward.


“I am aware of my own behaviour.” Character

“I do what I say I’m going to do; I can be trusted.”

“Through what I do impacts the world around me.”

To Yourself

* Wear appropriate clothing
* Maintain personal hygiene
* Keep your body healthy
* Present yourself properly * Be honest
* Persevere through tasks
* Do what is expected and right
* Strive to accomplish personal goals * Attend all classes
* Arrive on time
* Bring materials
* Make up missed work

To Others

* Hands/feet to yourself
* There is a time to listen and a time to speak
* Use appropriate language for the situation
* Use social media respectfully & responsibly
* Be a good friend
* Be trustworthy * Admit, fix, and learn from your mistakes
* Be part of a productive learning environment
* Words are powerful…use them positively (no put downs)
* Accept others

To Your Learning

* Appreciate others’ right to learn
* Recognize your own learning opportunities
* Try your best
* Do your own work
* Respectful use of cellphone * Complete all work
* Ask for help
* Listen to instruction
* Meet deadlines
* Study for tests & quizzes

To the Environment

* Report vandalism and/or graffiti
* Clean up after yourself
* Use all equipment appropriately
* Keep your school clean
* Make visitors feel welcome
* Participate/support school events/activities
* Recycle
* Prevent vandalism

To the Community

*Be aware of and respect the people around you
*Pay it forward…do something nice for someone else
*Set a good example
*Be a positive role model
*Make our community better for yourself and others

Do the Right Thing, Get Better each Day, Try your Best – It’s the Barsby Way!!