Barsby’s Aboriginal Education Department consists of an Aboriginal Teacher and three Aboriginal Education Assistants. The department offers a wide range of services to Barsby’s Aboriginal Students. While our focus is academic we offer many extra-curricular activities. Staff support students by monitoring their progress through caseload management.

In the fall, Grade 8’s have a Meet and Greet with the Aboriginal EA responsible for their caseload. Grade 12’s will have the opportunity to meet Vancouver Island University Aboriginal support staff and start their application process for acceptance and entry to VIU, as applications open in the fall. There will be a second opportunity in the spring of 2017. Grade 12’s will also have a chance to attend a scholarship workshop and get the jump on this year’s Aboriginal awards.

Aboriginal students Gr. 8-12 who have already demonstrated a strong commitment to community and/or an involvement in their nation’s sports or arts should contact Donna Flett at the very start of the school year to apply for the FAAY scholarship.

Finally, students should watch for announcements pertaining to the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria summer camps for Aboriginal students, and the Canadian Forces Aboriginal Student Summer Employment Programs.

  • Aboriginal Education Program

  • The District’s Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement, as well as many other items of interest can be found on the district website page.

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