Welcome to the site of John Barsby Community School. John Barsby is located in the heart of the Harewood community in the beautiful city of Nanaimo. The school has approximately 800 students ranging from grade 8 through 12. The school offers a comprehensive academic program with numerous opportunities for students with diverse interests. Our elective and extra-curricular programs include Culinary Arts, Performing Arts, Leadership, and an abundance of team/club opportunities. Many students receive scholarships and bursaries toward their post-secondary academic programs. John Barsby is a unique school with a long-standing history. Staff, students, and the community make the school an exceptional place for learning. When John Barsby teachers were asked what makes the school great, these were their statements that tell the John Barsby story:

  • We focus on learning and student success
  • Our students are amazing
  • Teachers, staff and administration care about students success in and out of school
  • Caring, supportive, collegial teachers
  • Students are accepting of others
  • Teacher collaboration, closeness, open doors and their connectiveness to the students
  • The students have a sense of humour, and they are diverse, compassionate, and life-experienced
  • The passionate, caring staff works together to improve student learning and happiness
  • Students are down to earth and appreciative
  • New ideas-commitment to change to improve learning
John Barsby welcomes all guests and visitors to our open and inclusive school.