School Goals Plan

The School Goals planning process generates actions that are specific, attainable and measurable in support of the School Philosophy Statement. These goal statements are revisited each year, and revised as deemed desirable.
Goal One: To improve competency in reading and writing
  • We continue to work towards improving the literacy skills of all of our students through the development and implementation of a common set of instructional strategies to improve reading ability. Our English/SS department work collaboratively with the library and continue the practice of P.E.E. in Social Studies, Science, CAPP and English. We will continue working on shifting students from Literal to Inferential as well as modeling enthusiasm for reading by reading aloud to the class and participating in silent reading activities
Goal Two: To improve numeracy skills and student success rates in Mathematics at grades 8, 9, and 10
  • Common assessment/instructional practices are discussed within the department, promoting a multidisciplinary approach in math classes, promoting awareness of the integration of mathematics in other classes, sharing multidisciplinary questions in assessments and classroom project examples while promoting usage in math classes, while continuing professional development during our collaboration time.
Goal Three:To increase the number of students displaying socially responsible behaviour by encouraging social responsible language, dress and senior student mentorship
  • We have continued to increase our focus and support for student leadership opportunities throughout the building and daily reference to positive behaviour support as well as focus on collaboration, consistency, and a defined approach amongst staff.